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2017       “Paintings” JHB Gallery / Holly Hunt, New York, NY


2016       “A Conversation” Curated by Joseph Haske, Vandeb Editions, Long Island City, NY

               “Cleveland Print Fair”, Cleveland Museum, Vandeb Editions, LIC

               “E/AB Fair 16”, NYC, Vandeb Editions, LIC


2015       “Salon” VanDeb Editions, Long Island City, NY

               “E/AB” Print Fair, NYC, Vandeb Editions


2014      “Paintings”: Joseph Haske and Mark Saltz – Elizabeth Dow, East Hampton, NY

              “Cutlog” Art Fair, New York, NY – Mono Prints, VanDeb Editions, NYC

              “Pulse” Art Fair, New York, NY—JHB Gallery, NYC

              “The Art Market”, West Hampton, NY – JHB Gallery, NYC

              “Summer Salon Exhibition” Vandeb Editions, LIC, NY

              “Bold Nature” - Paintings and Prints, Vandeb Editions / Second Ave Arts, LIC, NY

              “Cleveland Print Fair”, Cleveland Museum, Vandeb Editions

              “New York Satellite Print Fair” VanDeb Editions

              “EAB Fair” New York, VanDeb Editions

               Miami Art Fair – JHB Gallery, NYC

              “Extending the Line”, Idea Space – Edith and Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center at 

               Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado


2013      “Elective Affinities – Mono Prints / Paintings – Vandeb Editions, New York, NY

              “Art Fair” East Hampton, New York -- JHB Gallery, NYC

              “Art Fair, Houston”, Texas – JHB Gallery, NYC


2012     “Editions of 1” Monotypes – VanDeb Editions, New York NY


2011      “Ten Years After” - 9/11 Exhibition, President’s Gallery, LaGuardia CC, CUNY, L.I.C. NY

              “Gallery Artists” - Vandeb Editions, NYC

               Capital Art Fair – mono prints -Vandeb Editions, NYC


2010     “ Mark Saltz”- “ Paintings”, Sylvester and Co. Amagansett, NY

             “Works on Paper” – Big, Small, Casual Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2009     “10th Anniversary” - Prints, Vandeb Editions, New York, NY


2008    “Paintings” John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY

            “Gallery Artists”, VanDeb Editions, New York, NY

            “Mark Saltz,” “Drawings” Ioneta Gallery, Wiscasset, ME


2007    “Balart” Benefit Auction for BAM, Brooklyn, NY


2006   “ Prints from Vandeb Editions”, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

            “Holiday Salon” Lesley Heller Fine Art, New York, NY


2005     “Mark Saltz – Monoprints” -“July Series”, VanDebs Editions, New York, NY


2004    “Mixed Company: Woman Choose Men”, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY

            “Of Clear Line and Depth” Print works by Joseph Haske, Mark Saltz & Lorraine Williams

             Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY


2003    “Mark Saltz - Paintings” Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY

            "New Editions" Vandeb Press, New York, NY

            "Abstraktion: 100 Years Later-Moscow” Moscow Artists' Union, Moscow, Russia

            "Abstraktion: 100 Years Later-Part Two” Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY

            "Oil, Dirt" Seton Hall University Law School, Newark, NJ


2002    "Abstraktions” Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY

              "Paintings" Mark Saltz, Elke Solomon, Thornton Willis, Van Debs, New York, NY


2001    “Mark Saltz”-"Paintings" “Chancellor's Gallery”, City University of New York, NY

2000    “Drawing Slam” Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY

             “Painting Invitational” Stephen Haller Gallery, New York, NY

             "Dirty Drawing” Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY


1998    “Mark Saltz”-“Paintings” “New Arts Program”, Northampton College, Bethlehem, Pa

            “Mark Saltz”-“Drawing” New Arts Program”, NAP Space, Kutztown, Pa

            “Drawings”- Mark Saltz CUNY, LaGuardia CC, LIC, NY

            “Mark Saltz” HoradnerRomley, New York, NY


1997    "Current Undercurrent: Working in Brooklyn” Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY

            "New York Drawers, The Pierogi 2000 Flatfiles", Cornerhouse, Manchester, England

            "New York Drawers, The Pierogi 2000 Flat files", Gasworks, London, England

            "Art on Paper" Weatherspoon Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC



1996    "Works on Paper/Part I” Art in Construction Gallery New York, NY


1995     Seton Hall University Law School "20th Anniversary, City Without Walls" Newark, NJ

             "Off Hand" - Joe Haske, Bebe Lee, Mark Saltz, ES Vandam Gallery, New York, NY


1994    "The Press” HorordnerRomley Gallery, New York, NY


1993    "Cris Cristofaro & Mark Saltz” - Recent Work” ES Vandam Gallery, New York, NY

            "A-Z" Small Works ES Vandam Gallery, New York, NY

            "Cadavre Exqus” The Drawing Center, New York, NY

1992    "Playing the Field” HorodnerRomley Gallery, New York, NY

1990    “Benefit Exhibition” New Museum, New York, NY

1989    “Mark Saltz”-“Paintings” Ted Greenwald Gallery, NYC

1988    “Benefit Exhibition” New Museum, New York, NY


1986    "Painting in the Third Dimension” City Without Walls Newark, NJ


1985    "Drawing to Black” Jayne Baum Gallery, New York, NY


1984    “Mark Saltz - Paintings” Barbara Toll Fine Arts, New York, NY


1983    "Gallery Group” Barbara Toll Fine Arts, New York, NY


1982    "Deck the Halls” The Drawing Center:  General Electric Company, Fairfield, CT


1981    "Three Painters” Ron Hunnings Gallery New York, NY

            "Invitational Painting Exhibition” OK Harris Gallery New York, NY

            "Five Paintings” Barbara Toll Fine Arts, New York, NY


1980    “Mark Saltz”- “Paintings” Barbara Toll Fine Arts, New York, NY


1979    “Abstract/Realism” Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

             “Mark Saltz”-”Paintings” Columbia University, New York, NY


1978    "Collection in Progress” William Patterson College, NJ


1977    "Gallery Group" Neill Gallery, New York, NY



1976    "International Drawing Exhibition” Rijeka, Yugoslavia

            "New Acquisitions” Neuberger Museum Purchase, NY


1975    "Contemporary Reflections” Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, CT


1971    "Group One" Painting and Sculpture, "Museum, A project of Living Artists”,             

             New York, NY





            The Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AR

            Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

            Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, NY

            Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado

            Sarah Ann and Wynn Kramarsky,“560 Broadway Collection” New York, NY

            New York City Public Library, New York, NY

            Neuberger Museum, Purchase, New York

            Sidney Lewis Foundation

            Witherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC

            Wells Fargo Bank, St. Louis, MO

            University Museum of Contemporery Art @ UMass Fine Arts Center, Amherst, MA

             Zimmererli Art Museum, “Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios”, New Jersey




2003     Mid-Atlantic States - Painting

1992    New School/Parsons Faculty Development Grant - Drawing

1986     Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant - Painting

1983     National Endowment for the Arts Grant - Painting




            “A Conversation” Paintings curated by Joseph Haske, “Two Coats of Paint” October 2016

            Art in “Printed Editions” September 2014

            Vivian Raynor, "20 Years of Art in a City Without Walls” New York Times June 11, 1995

            Don Eddy, "Mark Saltz” Arts February 1984

            Work featured in “Interior Design” July 2006

           "The Horrors of Bearing Arms” Joe Maschek, Art forum December 1980

            “560 Broadway: A New York Drawing Collection at Work, 1991-2006”, Index of             

            the collection of Sarah Ann and Wynn Kramarsky 2007





            BFA - Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 1969

            MA- Painting / Drawing / Art History, Goddard College – Plainfield, Vermont / NYC 1973




            Lecture, Exhibition and Artists Consultations “New Arts Program” Kutztown, PA  1998      

           "The Uses of the Imagination with Maxine Greene & Friends" – Teachers College, NYC    


            Workshop Fordham University, NYC 1985

            Philadelphia College of Art, Penn. 1988

            Artists Talk on Art, New York City 1992

            University of Delaware Graduate Art Program 1985

            Pratt Institute Graduate Program, Brooklyn, NY 1986

           “New Arts Program”: Public Access Television Interview – Drawing Panel, Cris Cristofaro,              

           Mike Bekatie, Mark Saltz, Kutztown, PA   2002





           Art, Design, History and Theory, First Year Programs, SPACE, - Art, Media and   

           Technology - Parsons / New School – NYC, Associate Teaching Professor, 1985 – Current       


           La Guardia Community College, CUNY, NYC, Fine Arts Area, “Drawing and Painting,”

           Adjunct Associate Professor of the Humanities 1985 – Current


           Bank Street / Parsons – “Leadership in the Arts” Program – Parsons Part Time Teaching

           Professor -- Drawing/Painting, Summer Semester, 2002 – 2014


           Yeshiva University, NYC, adjunct Asst Professor of the Humanities, Drawing /Painting          

           1983 -- 1998

CV:  Mark Saltz

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